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Training Highlights

Industry recognized certificate

Worldwide companies use DigiGrowHub for hiring every year. So a certificate from DigiGrowHub is recognized everywhere

What placement assistance will you receive?

Free Placement Preparation Training

Access to curated Internships & Jobs

Top performers will be highlighted in their internship & job applications

What will be the training syllabus?

Course Curriculum

Module 1 : Introduction to Negotiation Skills

Module 2 : How to crack a deal?

Module 3 : Understanding the Negotiation Process

Module 4 : Building Rapport with Tactical Empathy

Module 5 : Techniques of Bargaining

Module 6 : How to reach negotiation closure?

Module 7 : Winning a Negotiation by Flinch Technique

Module 8 : When to use High-Ball/Low-Ball Technique?

Module 9 : Good Cop-Bad Cop Negotiation Technique

Module 10 : How to Use Nibble Technique

Module 11 : Skills Required to master negotiation

Module 12 : How to manage emotions in Negotiation?

Module 13 : How to convert “No” to “Yes”

Module 14 : Salary Negotiations for employee & employer

Module 15 : How to get Best price for your product?

Module 16 : Using Silence Technique for Profit

Module 17 : Summary

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