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MS Excel Course

MS Excel Course

Training Highlights

Industry recognized certificate

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What placement assistance will you receive?

Free Placement Preparation Training

Access to curated Internships & Jobs

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What will be the training syllabus?

Course Curriculum

Session 1: Introduction

  • Interface
  • Tabs and Ribbons
  • Document Windows
  • Navigation Tips
  • Navigation Tips

Session 2: Entering, Editing and Formatting Data

Session 3: Formatting Numbers

Session 4: Modifying Rows and Columns

Session 5: Understanding Formulas

Session 6: Changing Views

Session 7: AutoFill and Custom Lists

Session 8: Conditional Formatting

Session 9: Tables

Session 10: Data Tools

Session 11: Referencing Formulas

Session 12: Ranges and Dates

Session 13: Lookups , Creation and use data validation rules

Session 14: Conditional Logic

Session 15: Text Formulas

Session 16: Introduction to Charts

Session 17: Formatting Charts

Session 18: Adding Graphics to Spreadsheets

Session 19: Outline, Sort, Filter, and Subtotal

Session 20: PivotTables

Session 21: Protecting Data

Session 22 : How to work with functions to manipulate strings of text and data

Session 23 : Use of queries to import external data

Session 24 : Troubleshoot errors

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