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Master in SQL

Master in SQL

Training Highlights

Industry recognized certificate

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What placement assistance will you receive?

Free Placement Preparation Training

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What will be the training syllabus?

Course Curriculum

Introduction of SQL- DDL, DML, DTL, Basic Data Types

Create Database, Select Database, Drop Database

Create Table, Drop Table, Insert Query, Select Query

Operators, Expressions, Where Clause, AND & OR Clauses

Update Query, Delete Query, Like Clause, Limit Clause

Order By, Group By, With Clause, Having Clause, Distinct Keyword

Constraints, Joins, Unions Clause, NULL Values, Alias Syntax

Alter Command, Truncate Table, Transactions Locks, Sub Queries, Auto increment, Privileges

Functions: Date & Time, String Functions, Aggregate Functions

Synonym – introduction, Create, synonym as alias for table & view, drop

Sequence- Introduction, alter sequence, drop

View- Introduction, types, alter , drop

Index – Introduction, types, alter, drop

Primary introduction to DBA-User create, alter User, Grant, Revoke

Report writer using SQL Title, B title, skip, pause, column, SQL, Break on, computer sum

PL/SQL – Introduction of PL/SQL, Advantages of PL/SQL, Support of SQL, Executing PL/SQL

PL/SQL character set & Data Types

PL/SQL blocks Attribute % type, %rowtype, operators

Control structure Condition – if Interactive- loop, for, while Sequential – goto

Procedures- Definition, creating, Parameter

Function-Definition, creating, Parameter

Cursor- types

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