Training Highlights

Industry recognized certificate

Worldwide companies use DigiGrowHub for hiring every year. So a certificate from DigiGrowHub is recognized everywhere


What placement assistance will you receive?

Free Placement Preparation Training

Access to curated Internships & Jobs

Top performers will be highlighted in their internship & job applications

What will be the training syllabus?

55 Lessons45h

Module 1: Sales Training Course

Lesson 1 – Defining the Sales Process
Lesson 2 – Getting Prepared to Make the Call
Lesson 3 – Creative Openings
Lesson 4 – Active Listening
Lesson 5 – Delivering Presentations that SELL
Lesson 6 – Managing the Sale
Lesson 7 – Handling Objections
Lesson 8 – Closing the Sale
Lesson 9 – Following Up
Lesson 10 – Setting Goals
Lesson 11 – Managing your Data
Lesson 12 – Managing Your Pipeline

Module 2: Professional Telephone Selling

Module 3 – Sales Funnel

Module 4: Worksheet Forms/Action Plans

Module 5 : Master the Art Of Sales Negotiation [बेहतर सेल्स के लिए Negotiation को बेहतर कीजिये]

Module 6: Convincing Skills [Convince करने की काबिलियत से सेल्स बढ़ाइए]

Module 7: Upgrade Your Negotiation Skills for Better Sales

Module 8: Grow Your Sales with Higher Convincing Power

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