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What placement assistance will you receive?

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What will be the training syllabus?

208 Lessons

Module 1 : Basic Syntax

First Python Program
Python Identifiers
Reserved Words
Lines and Indentation
Multi-Line Statements
Quotation in Python
Comments in Python
Using Blank Lines
Waiting for the User
Multiple Statements on a Single Line
Multiple Statement Groups as Suites
Command Line Arguments
Parsing Command-Line Arguments

Module 2 : Variable Types

Module 3 : Basic Operators

Module 4 : Decision Making

Module 5 : Loops

Module 6 : Numbers

Module 7 : Strings

Module 8 : Lists

Module 9 : Tuples

Module 10 : Dictionary

Module 11 : Date & Time

Module 12 : Functions

Module 13 : Modules

Module 14 : Files I/O

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