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Training Highlights

Industry recognized certificate

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What placement assistance will you receive?

Free Placement Preparation Training

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What will be the training syllabus?

Course Curriculum

Module 1 : Database Management System Introduction

Module 2 : SQL queries and MySQL Workbench UI to create databases and tables

Module 3 : Understand common Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS)

Module 4 : Creating A Schema Using The UI

Module 5 : Creating A Schema Using SQL Code

Module 6 : Creating A Table With A SQL Query

Module 7 : Adding and Removing Columns In The Editor

Module 8 : Dropping Schemas And Tables

Module 9 : Inserting Records Into A Table

Module 10 : Updating Data Records

Module 11 : Deleting Specific Records

Module 12 : Primary Keys and Foreign Keys

Module 13 : Database Normalization

Module 14 : The EER Diagram Editor

Module 15 : Indexes And Constraints

Module 16 : Stored Procedures

Module 17 : Triggers

Module 18 : Server Management

Module 19 : Managing Users And Permissions

Module 20: Assignments

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